A personal message from Dr Anita Herdeiro,

GP and co-founder of Scalesceugh Hall & Villas

Like every other healthcare professional, I have been busier than ever in helping our NHS to cope with Covid-19.

I have been working very long nights, and while incredibly demanding and challenging, it is hugely satisfying to feel that I am contributing in some way to save lives, which at the end of the day, is the very reason why I became a doctor in the first place.


I have also been reflecting about the future and I thought I would share five key thoughts:

1 Future


Nobody knows what the future holds and we need to make sure we live life to the full. We should not delay important decisions around our own lives. We need to look after ourselves and think about what we want from the future

i. For me, that means spending more time doing the things I like the most. I have worked incredibly hard in the past 20 years and it is important to look after myself as well. I want to travel more, I want to exercise more and look after my health;

ii. To enable our owners to live life to the full, we have decided to restart the works at the Wellness Club (which were temporarily suspended due to the fire at the Hall), with the aim to have them complete by mid-summer;

iii. After discussion with our owners, we have also decided to increase the number of apartments at the Hall, which will have balconies and decked areas. The current restrictions have reminded me of the importance of living in a comfortable, future-proofed place with access to communal gardens and private outdoor space.


2 Community

We have all seen gestures of incredible kindness and great community spirit in the past four weeks; it appears that moments of crisis bring the community together and galvanises relationships. This is a great opportunity to reflect on how we take this to the next level and how we embed this in our ways of living;

i. We are delivering daily newspapers and daily essentials to our owners, free of charge;

ii. We have recently created a raised communal herbs patch for our owners to plant and enjoy fresh herbs;

iii. We have partnered with local farmers/ neighbours to supply us with fresh produce (meat, milk, eggs). This is a great opportunity to consider whether we can eat healthier and more organic food;

iv. We have also decided to do weekly phone call to all our owners to check on how they are feeling and whether there is anything we can help with.


3 Sustainability

We all know about the impact that we, as a society, are having on the environment and the potential impacts surrounding global warming, pollution, etc.

Emerging data suggests that the past four weeks already shows improvements in air quality, which begs the question of how can we individually contribute towards a more sustainable environment.

i. We have decided that all our company cars are going to become electric and we are going to double our electric car charging points at Scalesceugh Hall & Villas;

ii. Likewise, we have decided to continue to invest in renewable energies (through Air Source Heat Pumps) and are doubling up on energy efficiency efforts (through improved insulation, triple glazing equivalent glazing);

iii. We have also decided to implement a zero waste policy requirement, which will eliminate the existence of general waste skips at Scalesceugh. Increased efforts will be made to ensure separation of materials and increased recycling.


4 Family & Friends

It is often the case, that we only realise the importance of something when we are deprived of it. This is a unique opportunity to reflect on how we can be closer to our family and loved ones. The past four weeks have shown us that it is possible to still carry out our daily lives while being closer to our loved ones.

i. I have asked my parents whether they would move closer to Scalesceugh so that they can spend more time with us and our children. Like many others, my parents live in a (very) large house with a large garden that is expensive to run and to clean. Of course, it was the family home and I have great memories there, but it is time to let it go and move to a much more comfortable place;

ii. I miss being closer to my parents and want them to be a bigger part of our lives; I am also conscious that as the years go by, it is more and more important to “be there” for my parents as life is not eternal.


5 Healthcare/ Covid-19

There are still so many unanswered questions with regards to Covid-19 and the impact on our daily lives. While we don’t have all the answers, I have been supporting BBC Radio Cumbria and BBC News in questions related to healthcare and Covid-19 in particular.


I have also created a private email address in case there are any personal or general questions (Covid-19 related or not) that you would like help with.

If you leave your contact details in the email, I will try to give you a call within 24 hours to go through your questions (on a best effort basis). Please feel free to reach me on ah@luxurylivingdevelopment.co.uk


As always, if you have any questions or thoughts related to Scalesceugh Hall and Villas, we are still here and although our sales office is temporarily closed, we are still on the other side of the phone (07853 190 765) or email info@scalesceughvillas.co.uk

Take care,

Dr Anita Herdeiro

07853  190765

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