What is Over 55 housing?

Over 55, Homes for 55+, over 55 living, 55 plus

It might seem a random age to choose, but over 55 housing has been a ‘thing’ for a while now. But what makes a home suitable and exclusive for people above this age?

The model is changing - more on that soon - but generally, homes for people aged 55+ have focused on the benefits of living in communities with people of similar ages, and perhaps similar interests.

These homes are often referred to as retirement living, but of course not everyone is fortunate enough to retire by the age of 55, so many working people live in such homes as well.

It’s a real attraction for many people to live and mix with people just like them, without the constant nearby noise of children and young adults (though visiting families are very welcome of course!).


They are often homes being lived in as a result of downsizing - single people or couples who no longer need or want a larger property and the associated clutter, cleaning and maintenance.

But this is not always the case - many people upsize at this age too, often having more disposable income at hand.

It’s often a hankering for a simpler life, in a friendly community, with all mod cons and support on hand should you need it.

These homes give people the opportunity to live in comfort while allowing them to follow outside interests, perhaps travelling or hobbies, or taking up something they’d always wanted to do.

Over 55, Homes for 55+, over 55 living, 55 plus, Scalesceugh Hall & Villas, Cumbria, Lake District
Eco villas at Scalesceugh

New-build homes more popular

Many over-55s have been keen on new-build properties in recent years. Research has been carried out to find out why…

The plus points included low running costs, reduced maintenance and security.

But the main emphasis was still placed on quality of lifestyle and making new friendships.

55+ communities can offer the opportunity to take part in fitness, sports and other activities, to keep homeowners both physically and mentally active.

Lifestyle living focuses on enjoying life and maintaining your independence, while not worrying about home maintenance.

You may see these homes described as ‘age-exclusive’ or ’age-restricted’, and indeed there is no legislation preventing properties from applying such age restrictions - it is seen as contrary to the aims of such community living if younger people are allowed to live there.

Over 55, Homes for 55+, over 55 living, 55 plus, Scalesceugh Hall & Villas, Cumbria, Lake District
A beautiful bedroom at Scalesceugh Villas

Over-55 living hits a new high

Now, 55+ living is not a universal standard. Scalesceugh Hall & Villas in Cumbria has upgraded the traditional model, introducing eco-features, high spec fittings, gardens, decking, patios or balconies, and acres of beautiful grounds to explore.

Soon The Sanctuary will be open, offering both activity and relaxation with the pool, sauna, steam bath, fitness classes and beauty treatments.

Scalesceugh is fortunate to be on the edge of the stunning Lake District National Park, yet also close to the historic border city of Carlisle and its enviable transport links.

So not all 55+ living is created the same. Apart from the age of homeowners, of course…