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Spa and Wellness Centre

When moving to Scalesceugh, you automatically become a member of the Scalesceugh Country Club. It is on your doorstep and yours to use as you please. Your family and friends are welcome to use them with you as well.


The facilities will include:

  • Bistro/ coffee with outside terrace

  • Health Club, including spa, swimming pool and sauna

  • Relaxation area

  • Private treatment rooms

  • Fitness studio

  • Multi-function room/ cinema room

  • Private room where you can entertain family and friends on special occasions.


Our café-bar will serve a range of light meals as well as hot and cold drinks, including freshly ground coffee; skilfully blended to your tastes by our baristas.

Enjoy the pleasures of life from your Scalesceugh home

Joining Scalesceugh Villas is an investment in your lifestyle. Whatever your preferences are, Scalesceugh enables you to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

  • If you aspire to go on holiday, now you can hop on a flight and you know that when you come back you will have fresh milk and fruit waiting for you, in a clean house at the right temperature and with the peace of mind of having someone looking after it  whilst you’re away. ( this is subject to extra charges )

  • If you have favourite hobbies (fishing, bowling, bird watching or walking), now you can indulge yourself in acres of peaceful stunning grounds with manicured gardens, next to an award-winning natural reserve, without having to worry about maintaining them.

  • The Scalesceugh Country Club will boast exquisite rooms where you, as homeowners, can enjoy meeting others, entertaining your guests or simply have a quiet drink with a book in the library.

  • If you enjoy the outdoors more; if you are a cyclist, hiker or kayaker, perhaps, now you have access to the Lake District National Park, with its breathtaking scenery, inspiring walks and unique lakes and mountains.

Our team takes the stress out of everyday life

Scalesceugh is all about living the life you deserve in lovely surroundings with the benefits of familiar staff on hand.  


The team will be there to look after the gardens and the estate, keep things ticking over while you're away, offer any services you might require and enable you to welcome your extended family and friends to your home too.

Benefit from our partnership with Eden Golf Club 

Scalesceugh Villas has partnered with the Eden Golf Club to offer our owners reduced membership rates and free joining fees, for what is one of the most attractive and aspirational golf courses in Cumbria

We understand that pets are family, too

We are a pet friendly location, understanding the importance of animals, not only to one’s wellbeing but also as companions.


Scalesceugh is located among some of the very best veterinary services, along with kennels/catteries for those occasions when you may want to go away with peace of mind that your loved one is being well looked after.

Partnering with activities such as horse riding groups allows you to explore further activities that you may enjoy.


Being in a wildlife sanctuary, you can spend hours just listening to and watching the birds on the lawns, or perched on a tree outside your house.

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