What are the benefits of downsizing?

It may be that moving would mean downsizing from your previous home. This should be seen as a positive, sensible action.

You would be free of many monthly expenses and continuous upkeep associated with larger properties - and downsizing could also release equity.

Many people find themselves unburdening a lot of financial or practical concerns by downsizing, and of course it allows you to start a new chapter in your life in a beautiful new location. 


The UK has fallen behind in providing options and choices to people in retirement, particularly as people are now living 20-30 years more. 


In other countries the attitude towards retirement is seen as a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and do the things you could not do before.


Having seen many people suffer from loneliness and isolation in my medical career, I was determined to do something different. 

To create exceptional places with exceptional services - it is after all a time to enjoy and we want to help you continue to do so. 


When you come to look at one of our houses, the journey is quite different. We spend a lot of time getting to know you, understanding the places you enjoy in your house.


We embark upon on a journey through the spaces where you spend time, the things you enjoy. What 'good' looks like to you.

Dr Anita Ray-Chowdhury Herdeiro

Senior couple hugging

How we help you achieve a stress-free move

Interior Design Service

Our partner company will offer you a two hours complimentary consultancy to help you on the journey of choosing items for your new home.

Discounted Solicitors Fees

We have negotiated special rates with one of the leading legal firms in the region to keep your fees to a minimum.

All solicitors we use are highly experienced in helping clients, and can assist with both the sale of your current home and moving in to your new one.

Removal Service

We have partnered with removal companies to offer you excellent rates and a quality guaranteed experience.

Part Exchange or Assisted Move

If you would like, you can leave the stress of selling your own home to us, subject to terms and conditions:

1. Appraisal & asking price - We will help you have your home appraised by three of the best local agents and then appoint two agents to sell. The asking price is always set by you.

2. Viewings, Offers, Exchange & Completion - All viewings will be handled by the estate agents, which will then negotiate the offers on your behalf.

You will always have the final decision on whether to accept or not. The estate agents will then handle the sales progression to exchange and completion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who can buy a home at Scalesceugh Villas?


Scalesceugh Villas welcomes any residents who meet the qualifying minimum age of 55, subject to terms and conditions.


How do I reserve a property?


Contact Scalesceugh Villas sales representatives. They will take you through the simple buying process and offer advice.

Tel: 07853 190765 / info@scalesceughvillas.co.uk.

Will I own my own home?


Yes, you will. Unlike moving into a residential care home, which would probably involve selling your existing home to meet future costs, buying a house or apartment at Scalesceugh Hall & Villas means the property is yours.

That means you can sell it on, earning the same levels of profit as anyone else if house prices have been rising, or retain it as an asset to pass on in your will.

Are appliances included in the purchase price?

Please refer to the specification brochure.

Is parking provided?

Each villa offers at least one private car parking space. A car park beside the apartments will also be available for residents in the hall, with one allocated parking space included in the price of the apartment. In addition, visitor car parking will be available for guests. There is no charge for parking.

Are the villas freehold?


Yes. In partnership with Burnetts, we are now able to offer freehold (instead of leasehold) on the sale of all the villas for the same price.

Is there lift access?


Yes. A lift can be installed in our villas as an additional option, whilst there will be lift access to all floors within Scalesceugh Hall for our apartment owners. 

“As a doctor you have a strong ethical core and can’t go against that grain. It was important for me to make sure these properties were freehold”

Dr Anita Ray-Chowdhury Herdeiro

Signing a Contract



Is there an exit fee to pay if I sell?


No. At Scalesceugh Hall & Villas, there is no exit charge if you sell your home, which means the money gained from the sale of the property is entirely passed on to the home owner.

Is there a service charge?


There is an annual service charge at cost - no management charges are present - from £150pcm, which includes: private and communal water, sewage, communal electricity, window cleaning, communal gardening/landscaping and reserve fund. 


Is the service charge fixed?


Any increases in service charges will only occur if the costs of providing and maintaining facilities and services increase, or if any future Government legislation causes an increase.

The management company is owned by the owners and therefore price changes have to be consulted with owners. 

What expenses are not covered?


Residents’ own electricity, telephone rates and charges, as well as council tax, TV licence, satellite/cable subscription and contents insurance are not covered. Additionally, the service charge does not cover the replacement of plant for individual plots, as well as the concierge service, which can be requested by homeowners at an additional cost which varies according to the services required.


Is there a ground rent charge?


No, there will not be a charge for ground rent.


How is social isolation tackled?


Being in Cumbria, we are aware of the importance of communities, especial in rural areas. Social isolation - being lonely - can become a chronic condition and a long-term illness. It affects a million elderly people in the UK.

We are supportive of The Cumbria Ageing Well Programme, which was set up to ensure that the county is a 'good place to grow older'. It aims to do this through 'Five Ways to Wellbeing': Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give, and Take Notice.


The emphasis on, and importance to longevity of living active, healthy later years has been commonplace in Scandinavia and New Zealand, for example, for a number of years. Only now is the UK beginning to catch up.


We at Scalesceugh Hall & Villas are at the heart of this movement. And the manor hall itself will be at the heart of our own community, with a cinema room and communal lounge available for all residents to enjoy a range of activities and social events with fellow homeowners. We are offering a new perspective on retirement here at Scalesceugh. People talk about growing old with dignity and grace. To us that’s all about staying healthy and active in mind and body, keeping connected to friends and family and being part of a vibrant community.

What if I live alone?


Loneliness can have a negative effect on health, increasing the likelihood of depression and anxiety in particular. You will really appreciate the community feel of Scalesceugh Hall & Villas. It could greatly improve your health and wellbeing. 

Group of cheerful mature people having f

To us it's all about

staying healthy

and active in

mind and body  

Words from our homeowners

“I am over the moon about my move here, it is better than I imagined”


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