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Video reveals fightback and an exciting 2020 Vision

We are proud and delighted to share details with you of our exciting 2020 Vision, celebrated in a new video.

You may know that Scalesceugh Hall was extensively damaged by fire in September, following months of painstaking restoration work on the Edwardian mansion.

Buoyed by incredible support from our local community, family and friends, we vowed to bounce back, and quicker than anyone expected.

We set on a course to have the hall back in shape within six months - usually it takes about 15 months to complete such a huge project.

We are now proud to announce that we are well on the road to achieving this aim, and to making retirement apartments available within the building by the summer of 2020.

Thankfully, the fire did not spread to our award-winning villas, and the final few will be made available early in 2020.

Our Spa and Wellness Centre was also untouched, and this is now due to open in Spring 2020.

The Scalesceugh Spa and Wellness Centre is due to open in the spring

The speed of the recovery can be attributed to a gargantuan effort led by Scalesceugh co-founder Bruno Herdeiro, his team working around the clock and not wasting any time so that the beauty of the stunning hall could be preserved.

We decided to brace the surviving walls of the hall to protect them from further damage, and working tirelessly against the elements of frost, rain and winds, the expert team have not stopped.

This has involved working closely with planners, architects, conservation teams and international teams, to find ways of using the very best materials to maintain the building’s beauty and grandeur.

One of our villa owners described the hall as an old, stunning exterior with a young heart - a bit like the people living here!

An exciting year ahead...

Our 2020 vision is about creating great places, with great facilities, in great locations.

This will involve completing the hall’s restoration and luxury apartments within, showcasing some stunning architecture from our international design team.

We will soon offer the chance to purchase one of the remaining few villas, the final phase being completed with a stunning private courtyard.

The Spa and Wellness Centre will include a thermal suite with water-based areas of relaxation and healing. This will include a pool - also used as an exercise pool - spa, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi.

The emphasis is on wellness and with that focus there will also be treatment rooms providing, among other things, holistic, wide-ranging beauty therapy. A studio will host classes in core exercises, from pilates to yoga to tai chi.

Relax in our social area, with refreshments, and enjoy the outdoor space within the stunning gardens of Scalesceugh Hall & Villas to participate in outdoor exercises.

It is about bringing something special to the community of Scalesceugh, offering an exciting, healthy lifestyle in the grounds of an Edwardian estate in the glorious Cumbrian countryside, yet near to all facilities.

Video highlights Scalesceugh's incredible journey

A new video has been created to mark and celebrate the incredible journey of Bruno and Dr Anita Herdeiro.

Anita says: “The video reflects our success in Cumbria, creating something visionary, unexpected and internationally-acclaimed, going through a journey like the phoenix rising through adversity.

“We are determined to work hard to maintain our vision for Scalesceugh.”

Our thanks go to Lou Kneath (pictured) of +3K in Carlisle ( for her creative talents in putting our team's ideas together and chronicling the journey in the video. You can also see it on YouTube here.

Scalesceugh Hall & Villas co-founder Dr Anita Herdeiro reflects: “The fire was devastating. However, it brought a great display of team and community spirit, working together to not only restore the building but to work for the vision of Scalesceugh once again.

“Letters, cards, presents, offers of people's skills all flowed in, which has brought the community together and helped us to restore this iconic landmark.

“As as a team we are focused and determined, and the help and support has reassured us about how much this place - and what we are creating - means to people around here and further afield.

“Acts of kindness have reassured me further about the strength of this corner of Cumbria. A great community spirit is something which is unobtainable in many parts of the UK.

“It has given us the opportunity to create something even better, to make the impossible, possible.”

Best Wishes...

Anita, Bruno and The Scalesceugh Team


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