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Town v Country - where do YOU want to live? (We’re saying country)

Four in five people in Britain live in a town or city, yet 64% of us want to move to the countryside - one of the highest numbers in the world. Here is our own list of countryside plus points, remembering that some towns, such as Keswick in the photo above, are surrounded by glorious landscapes

10 Reasons To Move To The Country

1 The Fresh Air

If you live in a big city, you might not even notice the pollution any more. We do. When we travel to urban centres our heads are clouded and throats made raw by the atmosphere. Come to the country and take a big gulp of fresh air to detox your system. Then stay and get addicted to it, there’s nothing quite like it.

2 Walking and Keeping Fit

You don’t have to travel far to explore and exercise in the countryside. A walk might even be on your very doorstep. The green areas are criss-crossed by paths through fields, woods, alongside rivers and streams, up mountains, the choice is vast. Walk the dog, go for a jog, whatever - it’s all good for you.

3 It’s Great For Your Mood

The happiest people live in the country. It’s easy here to find peace, escape crowds and just take in the gentle, therapeutic sounds of the countryside, clear your head, relax and get a good night’s sleep. None of these things should be underestimated, they all contribute to a greater wellbeing.

4 Wake Up To Birdsong

We’re not saying you don’t need an alarm clock, but there can be no more magical way of waking than for the dawn chorus to gently nudge you out of your slumber, all the birds joining in praise of their surroundings before getting on with their day. We are situated next to Wreay Woods nature reserve in Cumbria so have all kinds of wonderful species paying a visit. Pure bliss.

5 It’s Safer In The Country

Crime is virtually non-existent in the countryside. It does occur, of course, but very infrequently compared to cities. Where we are in Cumbria, it is one of the safest places to live, work and visit with relatively low levels of crime compared to the rest of Britain. Safety and security also count a lot towards a healthy wellbeing.

6 Country Pubs

At the end of a countryside walk - or half way through - there’s no welcome quite like a glass of real ale, served by friendly staff, maybe some hearty pub grub and a crackling log fire. Dogs are always welcome to snuggle at your feet. Take the glorious walk through Wreay Woods to The Plough Inn to see what we’re talking about.

7 Space And Space

There’s just so much of it. Space. All around you. All above you. No congestion, no need to squeeze into tower blocks, you can breathe here. Be sociable or lose yourself in the wilderness, up to you. At night, look up and the clear skies are black. Actually black. No light pollution here, you can see every star, planet, constellation and meteor shower.

8 It’s Not As Backwards As You Might Think

People living in the countryside might have a reputation for being off the grid and unable to get a mobile phone signal but that isn’t necessarily true these days. Technology has advanced. Here at Scalesceugh Hall & Villas, you can be miles from the hustle and bustle but still enjoy fibre broadband in your home office.

9 It’s Not As Remote As You Might Think

The nearest city is never more than an hour away by road or rail, if you live in the country. Rural areas largely have great links to the bigger centres. And the real joy is that you can enjoy the shops, theatre, cinema and more, with the knowledge that you can return easily to your tranquil retreat.

10 Sense Of Community

Everyone looks out for each other in the countryside. Rural dwellers tend to know a high proportion of the people they meet there. And if you need to make new friends, you’ll find plenty of clubs and societies to join. At Scalesceugh Hall & Villas we’ll even put on events and activities for our own small community. You don’t have to be an active member of your community, but chances are you’ll be happier all round if you are.

If you're looking to move to, and settle in, the countryside (and why wouldn't you want to?!), have a look at the unique Scalesceugh Hall & Villas development in Cumbria here.


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