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Events at Scalesceugh Hall & Villas

We are always staging events for the public as well as our homeowners at Scalesceugh. Check below for the latest upcoming dates and please contact June on 07853 190 765 if you require more details.

June 26: Birdwatching Day

Would you like to join a Birdwatching Day at Scalesceugh? We invite you to visit us this Wednesday, 26 June and we will be happy to provide light refreshments.

The idea came to mind after witnessing the wealth of birdlife and wildlife visiting our grounds from Wreay Woods on our boundary, a nature reserve managed by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Read more here.

July 28: An Afternoon of English Music

Three first-class musicians have been booked to play by Oak Tree Animals' Charity on Sunday afternoon (times to be confirmed), July 28.

The programme, expected to be in two parts of 40 minutes and 30 minutes, is titled An Afternoon of English Music.

The musicians are Myrna Tennant – soprano; Laurens Macklon – baritone; and David Jones – accompanist/pianist.

More details will follow soon.

August 18: Concert - All in a Garden Green

A very welcome return for Eden Baroque, details as below. To book, please call 07810 196215 or email

Date TBC: Jazz on the Gardens


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