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7 Reasons to Buy an Apartment

Living area in one of the Scalesceugh Hall apartments

Why buy an apartment in Cumbria? What is an apartment anyway? Should you be searching the internet for ‘flats in Cumbria’? Is it true that living in an apartment makes life easier? Do apartments have gardens? Why don’t more people opt for apartment living?

All good questions. Certainly, many people who have bought an apartment at Scalesceugh Hall knew what they were looking for. Others just wanted the most perfect place to live in Cumbria!

Searching on estate agent websites won’t always present you with the opportunity to compare apartments and houses. Often you have to select ‘apartment’ or ‘flat’ in the search filters.

But many people are surprised when they realise the benefits of apartment living. So we’ve listed seven of them for you right here…

Seven reasons why you should live in an apartment

1. A Close Community

More than ever, after numerous Covid lockdowns, people are appreciating the friendship and shared experiences of living in a community.

Certainly Trevor and Audrey were blown away by the welcome they received when moving into a Scalesceugh Hall apartment.

Apartments naturally bring that sense of community closer, and here at Scalesceugh, people have been getting to know each other and using the facilities and gardens to meet up, as well as planning days out together, such as countryside walks nearby.

An added bonus here is that Scalesceugh also has 13 villas, designed to form a close community.

Feelings of social isolation are easier to avoid in apartment developments. Instead, you are likely to create valuable life-long friendships.

2. Great Amenities

This doesn’t come with buying a regular house, and it doesn’t come with many apartment developments, but it most certainly is a bonus feature at Scalesceugh Hall.

The Owners Club gives all those who buy an apartment discounts at Nara Spa & Kitchen, our exciting Nordic-inspired spa and bistro situated within the beautiful Scalesceugh grounds.

These grounds include gardens and woodland to walk within, or hold picnics or barbecues.

Within Scalesceugh Hall itself, meanwhile, there is a Cinema Room and Communal Lounge, exclusively for the use of residents.

Nara Spa & Kitchen within the beautiful Scalesceugh Hall grounds

3. An Easier Life

Many people choose apartments because it means they don’t have to look after gardens any longer - but at Scalesceugh Hall, some of our apartments do actually have gardens. They are designed to be easily manageable, though, and help is on hand if required.

For everyone else, a stroll around the communal cared-for lawns, with beautiful planting throughout, is more than enough to give that sense of enjoying a garden without having to maintain it.

Maintaining a property is always going to be easier if it is smaller, and while our own apartments are spacious, they do of course contain fewer rooms to clean and care for than in a house.

Life is made even easier by all apartments coming complete with fully fitted kitchens, including a range of integrated appliances.

There is lift access to all floors, and each apartment includes one parking space nearby.

Some of the apartments have balconies, where you can relax and enjoy the views for miles around.

No hassles, just enjoyment of an easier, more content lifestyle.

4. Increased Safety

Safety is often a prime concern of people buying a new home, and apartments usually have a safe, communal entrance.

This is certainly the case at Scalesceugh Hall, and of course the close proximity of neighbours adds another layer of security.

There have not been any reported crimes at Scalesceugh, and we are confident it will remain this way!

Friends meeting up for a countryside walk

5. Time for Yourself

If you’re not worrying about maintaining the garden or fixing things around the home, your time will be freed up to do whatever you please.

Time, as we all know, is precious. And enjoying a lifestyle that gives you the gift of more time is… well, priceless.

For some people, time will be spent enjoying the great outdoors. Others will want to visit family. Some will want to visit the spa and bistro. Others will want to enjoy more naps!

It’s all good. It’s all YOUR quality time.

We also have homeowners at Scalesceugh who love to spend time with their pets, and are very appreciative of our pet-friendly policy.

And some prefer to use their home as a wonderful base to return to after their many travels, enjoying a ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle.

6. Sustainable Lifestyle

Of more importance to people these days, and rightly so, is the desire to use fewer resources like electricity, gas and water - and of course with a smaller home (maybe you’re downsizing), your energy use and associated costs will reduce.

Excellent insulation and triple glazing saves Scalesceugh homeowners from using the heating so much; large windows drawing in natural light saves on using so many light bulbs.

There are many other eco features at Scalesceugh which make it a perfect place to live, while doing your bit for the environment.

7. Buying As An Investment

Buying apartments or flats is seen as a sound investment choice, as they usually offer an attractive rate of return.

Typically, apartments have a lower entry purchase price than comparable houses.

If this has got you thinking, have a look at the remaining available apartments at Scalesceugh Hall.


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