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Working from home puts buyer focus on lifestyle

Home working in the post pandemic world has led to new demands from homeowners

The rise in home working will lead to a continued surge in home buying in rural areas - with more than three million Brits already having moved away from urban areas during the pandemic.

As illustrated by the demand for apartments and villas here at Scalesceugh, lifestyle is now top of the agenda for many people when buying a new home.

Research commissioned by property tax experts Cornerstone Tax revealed that, as well as 3.3 million Brits moving into the countryside, 44% of Brits felt that the impact of Covid-19 had made city living less appealing.

It has also been revealed that 4.3 million people in Britain will no longer commute into a city for their job, as home working becomes the 'new normal' in the post-pandemic world.

Major property agency Hamptons is forecasting a second surge in house buying due to home-working demands, with a desire for more space and flexibility driving the market.

Aneisha Beveridge, head of research at Hamptons, says people now place a higher value on their homes, having have spent more time in them than ever before.

The Government's winter Covid plan has also encouraged more people to work from home, and Cornerstone Tax's research has found that millions of people are now looking for larger living spaces, gardens, or picturesque views, something again provided in abundance at Scalesceugh.

Being surrounded by nature is top of many people's wish list as they become more aware of the mental health benefits of rural living.

Being close to trees has a proven effect on our production of cortisol, the chemical that causes stress. Here at Scalesceugh we border Wreay Woods Nature Reserve, and beautiful, mature trees are plentiful, attracting much wildlife as a bonus.

Data from Harvard Health shows that just 20 minutes spent in nature reduces cortisol, and therefore stress, with muscle tension and pulse rate relaxed within as little as three minutes.

All this is good news for the home worker, who needs to get in the right mindset to work effectively and productively.

The chance to take a break in a private garden or to enjoy outdoor space is also driving demand. Here at Scalesceugh many villa and apartment owners are fortunate to have their own private gardens or balconies, and there is also the option of walking around the 3.5 acres of beautiful grounds, of course.

A consequence of lockdowns has also been the rise in people finding new hobbies and passions inside their homes, such as crafts, DIY and baking - and a home with more space allows people to pursue these activities.

Living at Scalesceugh Hall & Villas also provides home workers with an excellent broadband connection and access to Nara Spa & Kitchen, for a welcome break for refreshments or even a massage.


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