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Sustainability at Scalesceugh: How we put the environment first

Large windows draw in more natural light and reduce the need for as much electric lighting

Living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle is crucial to the future of a healthy planet - and at Scalesceugh we take our eco responsibilities seriously.

As the crucial COP26 climate talks in Glasgow draw closer, and extreme weather ravages communities across the globe, businesses and individuals are more keenly focused on the need to reduce the collective carbon footprint, and take urgent steps to cut pollution.

Scalesceugh Hall apartments and our villas were constructed with the environment firmly at the front of design.

Nara Spa & Kitchen has also been created in the beautiful Scalesceugh grounds, and here, too, sustainable practices and brands are being employed.

Eco awareness has always been a big part of our ethos at Scalesceugh.

Our 13 villas were fitted with air source heat pumps, which are now being recommended to homes everywhere by environmental campaigners Greenpeace.

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air - even when the temperature is as low as -15C. They heat the underfloor heating systems and water in the villas.

Greenpeace revealed that households in England produce more carbon dioxide per year through gas boilers and poor insulation, than they do by driving.

The group has called on the government to support a nationwide switch from fossil fuel boilers to heat pumps - though of course here at Scalesceugh, we acted earlier.

Cars account for just over 18% of emissions in the UK, which is why we are installing electric charging points at Scalesceugh to encourage homeowners to drive eco-friendly vehicles.

Buildings, however, are responsible for half the world’s energy use and half of its greenhouse gas emissions. Housing alone generates 29% of UK emissions.

In all the Scalesceugh buildings, large, sometimes full-length glass windows are used extensively, designed to the highest specifications to improve insulation and allow more natural light to flood in - preventing the need for more ceiling lighting.

Natural timber with high insulation has also been used throughout the development.

Scalesceugh Hall apartments, and villas, are fitted with an electric induction hob in the kitchens, allowing the homes to be gas-free.

We are also very supportive of homeowners who are fitting solar panels to their properties.

A planting area outside Nara Spa & Kitchen

Locally sourced food

At Nara Spa & Kitchen, in the grounds of Scalesceugh, similar attention has been paid to eco design to insulate and make use of natural light.

Within the bistro, great efforts are being made to reduce waste through a food stock management system.

Innovative ways are being sought to use compostable food and 75% of food brands and ingredients are locally sourced, to reduce Nara’s carbon footprint, as well as supporting local businesses.

Planting areas around Nara Spa & Kitchen allow for herbs and edible flowers to be grown on site, with plans to also grow garlic, onion, mini potatoes and cherry tomatoes.

Induction cooktops are more energy-efficient, while coffee pods are 100% recyclable - indeed recycling is given prominence across the development.

With Nara Kitchen having an open menu, future changes can also be made to adapt to eco advances and customer feedback.

Nara Spa has sourced a variety of brands that are natural, environmentally-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free and use minimal packaging. One such locally-sourced range is Kendal-based Pure Lakes.

Nara Spa & Kitchen are run on 100% renewable energy plans, and are paperless operations to save on waste.

Meanwhile, extra trees are being planted across the grounds to enhance the environment, and of course contribute to sucking carbon dioxide from the air.

There are hundreds of beautiful trees already bordering Scalesceugh as it sits on the edge of Wreay Woods Nature Reserve, managed by Cumbria Wildlife Trust.


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