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Scalesceugh Hall will be a phoenix rising from the ashes

Scalesceugh Hall will be restored to glory - and exciting plans are already being drawn up to start work as soon as possible.

These are the words of Dr Anita Herdeiro and husband Bruno, owners of Scalesceugh Hall & Villas, who have vowed it's "business as usual" despite a fire destroying the interior of the stately building.

The external walls are still in good shape, so much of the Edwardian architecture will remain.

The 13 villas were not touched by the fire. Residents are happily continuing life as normal. A spa and bistro being built next to the hall was also undamaged.

Bruno reveals: “The results of the first inspections suggest that the external walls are still in good condition, so that is great news. We are concentrating on the positives.

“It has been our dream to create an idyllic place to live at Scalesceugh, and we were passionate about the hall - that is what brought us here in the first place.

“We are not the type of people to give up on a dream. We still have the villas, we still have the spa and bistro and we will restore Scalesceugh Hall again.

“It will be a beautiful place to live, and we will come back stronger.”

His wife, Dr Anita Herdeiro, has been overwhelmed by the reaction from the local community.

She says: “I want to thank people for their kindness and support. We have received cards and gifts from total strangers, wishing us well.

"We have also had lunch with our homeowners, taken them to their doctor appointments and generally supported each other - that is what communities are about.

“We arrived just over two years ago, new to Cumbria. Now we realise just what it means to be a part of the Cumbrian community, with the kindness and warmth of people.

“Many will know the amount of work and sacrifices Bruno and I have given to the creation of the hall, taking it back to its original features.

“With a long waiting list for the apartments and the support of the people around us, we will make it even better.”

June Ballantine, head of sales and marketing at Scalesceugh, is in no doubt that Bruno and Anita have the character, drive and passion to achieve this.

“While this has been a devastating shock for Anita, Bruno, myself and all the staff and services involved in the recent works on this beautiful building, I can say with confidence that we are all committed to continuing the restoration and development of the hall,” she says.

“The reason I know this, is because Anita and Bruno are two of the most committed and hard working people I have ever met.

“Their passion remains the same and the results will be, I’m sure, even better.”


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