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Amelia's got designs on helping all Scalesceugh homeowners

Amelia Wilson pictured in her own stylish home

A guest blog by Amelia Wilson, an interior designer who has worked on our show villa and offers styling and moving services to Scalesceugh homeowners.


I’m convinced most people think interior designers have a great life swanning around, fluffing cushions and spending other people’s money.

The reality is far different, with long hours spent poring over technical drawings, or scouring the internet for the right flooring or piece of furniture.

Clambering around dusty building sites trying to explain your designs to trades who always think they know better, and more commonly chasing down the trades that have gone AWOL.

So imagine how happy I was to find myself at Scalesceugh Hall & Villas recently. Surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens and woodland, with nothing but birdsong to keep me company while I worked on their show villa.

When I first visited Scalesceugh Hall & Villas I understood why the owners describe it as a Lifestyle Village and not a retirement development, as it contradicts everything I expected to see.

The villas are smart and contemporary, and set in beautiful gardens surrounded by trees. With the bistro and spa under construction, and its proximity to Penrith and Carlisle, I can imagine living there myself and I’m only 46.

Below: Some of Amelia's interior design in the Scalesceugh show villa

With the show villa finished I’m looking forward to the next project for Scalesceugh, and I don’t just mean their new apartments or the spa and bistro.

As part of our partnership arrangement there are a range of services I can offer to residents, which include:

  • An hourly interior design consultancy for new residents just looking for a little help or some ideas.

  • A transition service where I can visit a future resident’s existing home to help determine what furniture etc could be brought with them to Scalesceugh.

  • A full interior design service, including sourcing all items and dressing the new home. This can extend to a full turnkey service where I stock the home with kitchenware, laundry items, bedding and towels etc.

  • Interior styling workshops for groups of residents interested in interiors and looking for tips for updating their homes.

But whatever the project I can honestly say I can’t wait to visit again just to get some peace and quiet from my usually hectic day!

Find out more about Amelia Wilson Interiors here.


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