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7 Benefits of Downsizing to an Apartment

Retirement apartments in Cumbria Lake District
Apartment life at Scalesceugh Hall (Apartment 9 - Living Area)

Selling your house to move to an apartment can bring on a truly positive lifestyle change.

The decision to downsize is often made in retirement and later years, and is formed out of desire or necessity.

Perhaps you want to move to a nicer location, or one closer to family. Maybe you need to raise money for the care of a family member.

Whatever the reason, living in a smaller space does require careful consideration, but for many, downsizing to an apartment is the best decision they’ll ever make.

Here are some notable benefits of downsizing to an apartment…

1. Save Time On Home Maintenance

It stands to reason that a smaller living space will require less cleaning, less tidying and fewer chores.

A home that is easier to manage, makes it easier to maintain independent living.

That will give you more time to do the things you really want to do.

2. Do Less Gardening

If you own an apartment, chances are you will have limited outdoor space.

For instance, at Scalesceugh Hall, some of the apartments have balconies, some do not, and a couple of apartments on the ground floor have a patio.

This suits many people perfectly. Some won’t want any outdoor space and the maintenance that comes with it.

If you’re lucky, you will have an outdoor area to explore if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a garden without worrying about the maintenance!

Again using Scalesceugh as an example, there are 3.5 acres of gardens which are professionally cared for. Less work for you!

3. Reduce Your Bills

You will not pay as much in utility bills because you will be using less electricity, gas and water in an apartment.

Modern apartments often feature greener, more efficient energy systems which will make a huge difference if you’re used to heating a draughty old house with an old boiler.

Other savings on bills might include council tax, if you are now paying a lower rate.

Also you might find a bonus in paying less for your home contents insurance, due to the increased security of an apartment, and the fact that you might have offloaded some of your more expensive items in the move.

4. Pass Down Family Heirlooms

Following on from the last point, this could be an ideal time to pass on those sentimental collections you’ve been keeping all these years. Furniture, perhaps. A classic car, even!

Maybe you thought you’d leave these things for your children in your will.

But why wait? See the joy on their faces by passing on heirlooms while you’re alive.

Of course you’ll be helping yourself massively at the same time by cutting down on the number of things to move into your apartment.

5. Downsize To Raise Money

Downsizing to a less expensive property is a popular way to raise money, for a whole host of reasons from paying off a loan to supplementing your pension, contributing to a wedding, or, as soon as we are all allowed, jetting off to the sun. Among many other reasons, of course.

6. Meet New People

You’ll find that apartment life lends itself more to closer communities.

Seeing the neighbours is simply more convenient.

In age-exclusive developments such as Scalesceugh, you will likely find you share a lot of common interests with people in your community, and can also meet up in communal rooms (Scalesceugh includes a cinema room and wellness centre, for example).

7. Make A Fresh Start

It can give you a real boost of satisfaction, happiness and purpose, and feel truly liberating, to start a new, exciting chapter of your life.

By moving from a large home to an apartment, people often get a new perspective on life.

This can often lead to making new decisions you never would have made before, perhaps leading to new interests, hobbies or ambitions.

So enjoy the extra free time you’ll have from not having to do all those chores around the house and garden - and live life to the full in your new apartment!


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