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Moving house to do list: #1 Start now!

Don't let the lockdown dampen your dream move - if your daily activities and meetings are on hold, this is the perfect time to prepare for moving house.

The thought of the upheaval and preparation can be very stressful, but suddenly, when all this is over, you might find yourself with an offer and a date of entry looming.

So why not start that prep now - just take on one task a day. It will make life much easier when the time comes.

Here are a few of the moving home preparation tasks you could be doing now:

Decide what items you are keeping

Look around each room and decide which pieces of furniture and which ornaments you would be unlikely to take to your next home. Make a list for each room and mark each with charity/ auction/ family etc.

Do you want to keep all your books?

Books can be treasured possessions but will you need them all in the future? Earmark some for a local group or charity, so people can enjoy them as much as you did.

Clear out your wardrobes

Be ruthless - how many clothes have you not worn for years?


File all your documents

This is one task we all dread, so make a start immediately. Look for those title deeds and house improvement certificates now - not when half way through your sale and you discover you don't actually have them. This is a common problem that holds up the conveyancing process.

Sort out the garage

If you're feeling particularly energetic, spend time sorting and binning all those items that have been in the garage or shed forever and a day.

We hope this gives you some food for thought and makes that future house move a bit easier to cope with.


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