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Life is for living - so take the pain and strain away at home

Apartments in Cumbria, apartments in the Lake District
Inside the Scalesceugh show apartment

When you become a little more mature in years, you quite rightly want life to be easier. The world around you won't always help with that, but the comforts of your home can certainly put a smile on your face, rather than a strain on your back.

Take the stunning new apartments at Scalesceugh Hall in beautiful Cumbria, for example. The homes have been carefully designed, to include many practical features.

Every apartment includes raised-height electrical sockets throughout, so no more bending down to plug in the vacuum cleaner or television.

Inside the elegant kitchens, among the quality integrated modern appliances, the waist-height oven and head-height microwave are also designed to save you from bending.

An induction hob offers one of the safest methods of cooking, and you will also find ample cupboard space and clever storage solutions.

Apartments in Cumbria, apartments in the Lake District

Don't climb in and out of the shower

Moving into the shower rooms, motion-sensor lighting ensures you don't have to search for the switch in the dark.

The showers are low or floor level access, so no tricky manoeuvres required there, either, especially after you've finished showering.

The majority of apartments also benefit from an ensuite shower.

So what else is there to make life easier? Energy-efficient underfloor heating not only brings comfort, it will afford you lower energy bills and additional space through your home.

There is lift access to all floors of the hall, for extra convenience.

And safety measures bring peace of mind - the main door to each apartment is a fire door, while a video camera entry system allows you to see who is calling. A 24-hour emergency call system is available as an optional extra.

Apartments in Cumbria, apartments in the Lake District
Scalesceugh Hall - 15 stunning apartments are available inside

Many people choose to live in an apartment because they don't want the hassle of looking after a garden any more. But you still can enjoy the greenery at Scalesceugh.

Apart from the fact that we have a few acres of grounds you can enjoy, and the fact that we are situated next to a nature reserve, some of the apartments also have balconies or patios, so you have the option of growing flowers, shrubs, fruit and veg with very low maintenance. Find out more details here.

Interested in living the easier life, in comfort, with modern features in a stunning building? Our show apartment is open now, and available to view by appointment only.


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